A woman sits on a bed in the back of a campervan with a laptop. She looks out the open back doors onto a view of the beach with palm trees in the foreground.

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A few years ago we took on the project of converting our 2020 Ford Transit cargo van into a tiny home on wheels. We did it from the bare metal all the way up to the finishing touches by ourselves and learned a ton in the process.

Now we’re sharing everything we learned and how we tackled each aspect of our build. There’s no single way to build a campervan, but we’ve written our guides to help you consider all the options and inspire your own creativity.

RECENT van build POSTS

Looking through the interior of a modern luxury campervan toward the open back doors.

The Full Cost of a Van Conversion | Our Breakdown & Shopping List

Considering a DIY campervan conversion? We're sharing the total cost of our van build with a full breakdown to help you plan your own.

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A woman lounges in the back bed area of a campervan while working from a laptop with the rear doors open to a tropical view.

Van Life Tour | Our Ford Transit Van Conversion

Have a look inside our campervan and get all the details on our conversion! We've been living in our van full time since the beginning of 2023 and spent over a year turning it into the off-grid adventure mobile that it is today.

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Close up on a black panel with several electrical components attached necessary for a Starlink 12V conversion

Starlink 12V Conversion | Powering Your Starlink Setup Efficiently

Save precious battery power with a Starlink 12V conversion. We'll guide you through the steps needed to power your Starlink more efficiently.

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Close up on a man's hands as he trims vinyl flooring with a utility knife around the wheel well of a campervan

Insulating and Installing a Campervan Floor

Everything in a campervan conversion starts with a solid base. Use our guide to learn the best methods for insulating and installing a subfloor and finished floor in your van build.

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A woman's gloved hand reaches up with a roller to apply Kilmat sound deadening material on the ceiling of a cargo van

Prepping a Campervan for Conversion | A Short Guide

Converting a campervan on your own can be a daunting task. Follow our step by step guide and find out exactly what you need to do in the prep phase to ensure your van stands the test of time.

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Looking through the back door of a Ford Transit cargo van at a woman kneeling down to sand the bare metal floor

How to Choose the Best Van for a Camper Conversion

One of the most exciting things about a campervan conversion is choosing your vehicle, but it can be a little overwhelming. Find out all the factors you need to consider before choosing what to convert for your van build.

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